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Please join me over there.

I’ve transferred the recipes from Salty, Sweets ‘N’ Sneaks and have tons of ideas and recipes for new posts.

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So many times I watch as my family whips out the traditional pumpkin pie after our Thanksgiving feast.  I’ll be honest.  I’m not a fan.

I smile, i have a bite, but it really doesn’t do anything for me.  Nothing.  This year I volunteered to provide the pumpkin dessert for our family meal, which obviously would not include the traditional pumpkin pie.  I just had to shake things up.  Continue Reading »

Oatmeal is a blank slate. It’s a perfect way to “healthify” your favorite desserts. There are endless toppings, mix-ins, and flavorings that make it a new experience each and every time. 

I am obsessed with oatmeal! 

 I’ve already shared my Banana Foster Oatmeal recipe, which is a definite winner in my book, and now I’ll share the Apple-pie oatmeal recipe that give me the warm flavors of “Fall” in a perfect little bowl 🙂


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It’s official. I am the designated birthday cake baker for my family. It’s now expected that I bring a made-from-scratch cake incorporating the honored guests favorite flavors.  Talk about spoiled!


A fly on the wall would observe something like this:

Me: Oh, your birthday is in a couple weeks. You excited?

Family member: I know, can you believe it? Where has this year gone?

Me: Any special plans for the big day?

Family Member: Not sure yet, I’m just trying to think of what flavor birthday cake I want you to make!

Me: Oh…um…okay.

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My dad is not much of a birthday celebrating kinda guy.  He’s low key, would rather just stay home and have the family come over, but this year he had no choice.  His sister, my aunt, decided to host his birthday celebration and have her house warming party at the same time.  You know, kill two birds with one stone.  So an outing for dad’s birthday it was.

My aunt asked if I’d be willing to make the birthday cake and, of course, I agreed and went into recipe-search frenzy mode.  My dad isn’t a “lover of all things sugar” like I am.  The only sweet flavor I always remember him absolutely loving is coconut.  So, German Chocolate Cake would be a perfect choice.  Literally, it WAS…it was devoured, demolished, inhaled, gone…kaputt!

I used Barbara Bakes recipe for German Chocolate Cake and then added my own little twist, creamy chocolate frosting from www.allrecipes.com, to tie it all together.

Pure chocolatey-coconutty perfection 🙂

So, with no further adieu, I bring to you MY FIRST GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE!

Drum roll please.

Feast your eyes on this baby!


I was pretty proud of it!  Did you see those little flower swirl things?  Yup, I did those!

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This recipe is, hands-down, the absolute best dessert recipe I have ever come across.  It is very easy, requires few ingredients (most of which are usually already at home), and is a huge hit wherever I take it.  Seriously, if I had to pick one dessert  recipe from the list of recipes I’ve posted on my blog to have you venture out and try, it’s this one. 

Cream. Cheese. Squares.

There, I said it.

Now, add it to your holiday baking list.  If there are any left, which is highly unlikely, have them alongside a cup of coffee for breakfast.

Enough talk…

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The Boyfriend watches an obscene amount of football on Sunday’s. I, however, don’t really watch football at all. Something about fantasy football…blah blah blah…he has to beat his friend…blah blah blah…whatever!

Football Sunday’s are a time for me to relax, surf the internet, and whip up some interesting creations for him to try during the game. Boyfriends are great guinea pigs 🙂

On the menu for today were two of his favorite food items ever put together into one dish!

Biscuits and hot dogs!

(Good thing his favorite foods aren’t something like pickles and ice-cream. Ewww, not a good combination.)

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